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Outstanding Americana Artist/Group
Rio and the Rockabilly Revival

Outstanding Americana Instrumentalist
Dave Feeny --pedal steel/guitar (American Mars and David Bierman Overdrive)

Outstanding Americana Recording
Rio and the Rockabilly Revival - "Testify"

Outstanding Americana Songwriter
Mary McGuire

Outstanding Americana Vocalist
Gia Warner


Outstanding Blues Artist/Group
Laith Al-Saadi

Outstanding Blues Instrumentalist
Laith Al-Saadi - guitar

Outstanding Blues Recording
"Breaking and Entering" Eliza Neals

Outstanding Blues Songwriter
Laura Rain - George Friend

Outstanding Blues Vocalist
Tosha Owens


Outstanding Classical Composer
Michele Ramo

Outstanding Classical Instrumentalist
John Rutherford - trombone

Outstanding Classical Recording
Bugs Beddow-Trombone Bach Unaccompanied Cello Suite Sonata No. 1 – Prelude

Outstanding Classical Small Ensemble
Il Segreto String Quartet

Outstanding Classical Vocalist
Jill Fitzgerald


Outstanding Community Orchestra
Dearborn Symphony

Outstanding Country Artist/Group
Jennifer Westwood

Outstanding Country Instrumentalist
Joey Spina - Guitar

Outstanding Country Recording
The Orbitsuns-X's Over My Eyes

Outstanding Country Songwriter
Julianne  Ankley

Outstanding Country Vocalist
Jennifer Westwood


Outstanding Electronic/Dance Artist/Group
Detroit Techno Militia

Outstanding Electronic/Dance DJ
DJ Linda  Lexy

Outstanding Electronic/Dance Recording
DJ Psycho - Wires

Outstanding Electronic/Dance Writer/Producer
Eprom Colony featuring  Me ridith Lorde - Cole


Outstanding Anthology/Compilation/Reissue
White Stripes, "Live at the Gold Dollar Vol. III " (Third Man Records)

Outstanding Live Performance
The Infatuations

Outstanding Live Sound Technician
Tom Lubinski

Outstanding Local Record Label
Detroit Music Factory

Outstanding National Major Label / Distribution Album
Kid Rock, "First Kiss" (Warner Bros.)

Outstanding National Single
Jack White, "That Black Bat Licorice"

Outstanding National Small / Independent Label Distribution Album
Marshall Crenshaw, "Grab The Next Train" EP ( Red River Entertainment)

Outstanding Record Producer
Tino Gross

Outstanding Recording Studio
Pearl Sound Studios

Outstanding Video / Independent Budget (Under $10,000)
Howling Diablos - "Funk Hand" by Tony D' Ann unzio

Outstanding Video / Major Budget (Over $10,000)
Bob Seger, " California Stars"

Outstanding Tribute Band
50 Amp Fuse


Outstanding Gospel/Christian Act
Sweet Crystal

Outstanding Gospel/ Chris tian Musician
David Winans II – bass

Outstanding Gospel/ Chris tian Recording
I was the One "Ortheia Barnes

Outstanding Gospel/ Chris tian Songwriter - TIE
Marq Andrew Speck (Sweet Crystal ) &
Ortheia Barnes - Paul Miles

Outstanding Gospel/ Chris tian Vocalist
Ortheia Barnes


Outstanding Jazz Composer
Paul Keller

Outstanding Jazz Instrumentalist
Ralphe Armstrong - bass

Outstanding Jazz Recording
Kris  Kurzawa - Sly

Outstanding Jazz Vocalist
Sky Covington

Outstanding Modern Jazz Artist/Group
Kris  Kurzawa

Outstanding Traditional Jazz Artist/Group
Planet D Nonet


Outstanding Rock Instrumentalist
Erik Gustafson - Guitar - Howling Diablos

Outstanding Rock Recording
Flint Eastwood “Small Victories”

Outstanding Rock Songwriter
Carolyn Striho

Outstanding Rock Vocalist
Barbara Payton

Outstanding Heavy Rock ( Me tal, Industrial, Goth, Thrash, et al.) Artist/Group
Critical Bill

Outstanding Alt/Punk/Indie Artist/Group
The Ruiners

Outstanding Rock/Pop Artist/Group
The Infatuations


Outstanding Urban Artist/Group
The Infatuations

Outstanding Urban Musician
Pete Peltier - Guitar

Outstanding Urban Songwriter
The Infatuations

Outstanding Urban Vocalist
Thornetta Davis

Outstanding Urban Recording
Mainstreet Soul - "In Detroit "


Outstanding World Artist/Group
Michele Ramo World Jazz Orchestra

Outstanding World Instrumentalist
Muruga Booker (Drums & Percussion)

Outstanding World Recording
The Lynn   LaPlante   Seven-Motor City Mambo

Outstanding World Songwriter
Muruga Booker

Outstanding World Vocalist
Maggie McCabe              


Outstanding Rap Recording
Detroit-vs-Everybody - featuring Big Herk, Big Gov, Chedda Boy Malik, Poppa D, Awesome Dre, Wil Louchi, Dirty Bird, Poe Whosaine, Latavia Parker, Seven the General

Outstanding Rap MC
Mark Milez A.K.A. Profit

Outstanding Rap Composer

Outstanding Rap Producer/DJ
TMoney Green