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Mark Milez - Better Dayz
Robin Horlock - As Long As We Believe
Sumkali - Jhiri Jhiri
Eric Smith - Hey There Miss
Brian Papson - Grass Stains From My Grass Roots

Outstanding Americana Artist/Group

Sweet Willie Tea

Corktown Popes

Emily Rose

Zander Michigan

Michael On Fire

Rio and the Rockabilly Revival


Outstanding Americana Instrumentalist

Takashi Ilo - bass

Michael on Fire - guitar, keyboards

Bob Monteleone - Guitar

Jason Dennie

Sweet Willie Tea - guitar

Sean "junebug" Harris

Erik Gustafson - guitar

Dave Feeny --pedal steel/guitar (American Mars and David Bierman Overdrive)


Outstanding Americana Recording

The Whiskey Charmers (Debut Album - The Whiskey Charmers)

Nikki James The Album

Jill Jack - Moon be Thine - Lullaby CD

Rio and the Rockabilly Revival - "Testify"

Sweet Willie Tea (Unsweetened - No lemon)

Duane Allen Harlick - Beneath The Surface


Outstanding Americana Songwriter

Rio Scafone

Michael On Fire

Ryan Dillaha

Gia Warner

Sweet Willie Tea

Mary McGuire


Outstanding Americana Vocalist

Jill Jack

Tasha Lord

Audra Kubat

Mary McGuire

Rio Scafone

Gia Warner



Outstanding Blues Artist/Group

Laura Rain and the Ceasars

Laith Al-Saadi

Erich Goebel & The Flying Crwbars

The Reefermen

Howard Glazer

Nikki James


Outstanding Blues Instrumentalist

Bobby East - guitar

Erich Goebel - guitar

Gary Rasmussen (bass guitar)

Tino Gross

Bobby Murray - guitar

Laith Al-Saadi - guitar

Bugs Beddow - Trombone / Flute

Howard Glazer- guitar


Outstanding Blues Recording

Laura Rain and the Ceasars "Gold"

bugs Beddow & the GooD STuFF - "Detroit Guy"

Garfield Angove - His Greatest Hits - Eastlawn

Nikki James The Album

Dirty Basement Blues "Live at Callahan's"

"Breaking and Entering" Eliza Neals


Outstanding Blues Songwriter

Laura Rain - George Friend

Chris Canas

Larry McCray

Nikki James

Tino Gross

Eliza Neals


Outstanding Blues Vocalist

Eliza Neals

Tosha Owens

Laura Rain

Paul Miles

Magge McCabe

Laith Al-Saadi



Outstanding Classical Composer

Todd Edward Schoeneman

Patrick Prouty

Jill Fitzgerald

Tracy Kash

Bonnie Kaye

Michele Ramo


Outstanding Classical Instrumentalist

Michele Ramo

David Laabs

Bugs Beddow - Trombone

Sonia Lee- violin

John Rutherford - trombone

Michael Rais

Carolyn Striho

Bonnie Kaye - Violin


Outstanding Classical Recording

Bloodline by Todd Edward Schoeneman

"Christmas Innocence," written by Amy Susan Heard and James Stonehouse

Turning (The Burros)

Bugs Beddow-Trombone Bach Unaccompanied Cello Suite Sonata No. 1 - Prelude

Dan Yessian, "Armenian Trilogy"

Soaring Through Slumberland by Todd Edward Schoeneman


Outstanding Classical Small Ensemble

Renaissance Voices

Vanguard Voices

Dearing Concert Duo

Il Segreto String Quartet

Music Envy

Pebble Creek Chamber Orchestra

Brahms' Ghost Trio


Outstanding Classical Vocalist

Heidi Hepler

Anamaria Ylizaliturri

Trish Shandor

Abha Dearing

Amy Susan Heard

Eva Evola

Jill Fitzgerald


Outstanding Community Orchestra

Motor City (Warren) Symphony Orchestra

International Symphony Orchestra

Dearborn Symphony

Orchard Lake Philharmonic



Outstanding Country Artist/Group

Alan Turner and the Steel Horse Band

Jennifer Westwood

Longneck Strangler

Annabelle Road

Billy Brandt and the Sugareees


Outstanding Country Instrumentalist

Brian "Roscoe" White

Erik Gustafson-Guitar

Carl Henry (acoustic guitar)

Bobby Black (Guitar)

Mark Lewis (DRUMS)

Jason Dennie -Mandolin

Joey Spina - Guitar

Tommy Furbacher- Guitar for Audrey Ray


Outstanding Country Recording

Julianne Ankley "Don't Let Go"

Dave Edwards Band "Tell Me About It" featuring Jill Jack

Brian Papson "Grass Stains From My Grass Roots"

Nick Pivot - DETROITVILLE - Shop Floor Country From the Motor City

Lonny Ray That Summer Again

The Orbitsuns-X's Over My Eyes


Outstanding Country Songwriter

Paulina Jayne

Mary McGuire

Austin Scott

Gia Warner

Julianne Ankley

Alan Turner/Todd Foster/Greg Stryker


Outstanding Country Vocalist

Jennifer Westwood

Nick Pivot

Mary McGuire

Paulina Jayne

Alan Turner

Julianne Ankley



Outstanding Electronic/Dance Artist/Group

Tunde Olaniran

Detroit Techno Militia

Ghost Synthesis

Eprom Colony featuring Meridith Lorde

N2 submission (featuring The Impaler)

The Spastic Yams


Outstanding Electronic/Dance DJ

Dj Maestro

DJ Linda Lexy

DJ Psycho

The Impaler

DJ Pleasure Kitten

Juan Atkins


Outstanding Electronic/Dance Recording

The Spastic Yams-Take Me To The Outer Limits

Electric Otto's Funk Factory-The City of Monsters Soundtrack

DJ Psycho - Wires

Tonight /Aaron Taylor

Ryan Start- In Time

Abbsinthe-"Journey" versions


Outstanding Electronic/Dance Writer/Producer

Dj Maestro

David Dr. Z Daniele

Anison (the Impaler) Roberts

Eprom Colony featuring Meridith Lorde - Cole

Ghost Synthesis

Gabe Gonzalez



Outstanding Anthology/Compilation/Reissue

Marshall Crenshaw, "#392: The EP Collection" (Red River Entertainment)

Commander Cody - Live In San Francisco 1971 - Sundazed

White Stripes, "Live at the Gold Dollar Vol. III" (Third Man Records)

The Falcons - The Definitive Collection - History of Soul

The Temptations - Yield To Temptations - El Toro


Outstanding Live Performance

Rio and the Rockabilly Revival

The Infatuations

Corktown Popes

The Seatbelts


Fifty Amp Fuse


Outstanding Live Sound Technician

Jason Fisher

Peter Jay

Cool Chris Panaki

Bryan Reilly

Tom Lubinski

Neil T Sever


Outstanding Local Record Label

Detroit Music Factory

No Cover productions

Jett Plastic Recordings

New Fortune Records

Musart Media

Funky D Records


Outstanding National Major Label / Distribution Album

Big Sean, "Dark Sky Paradise" (GOOD Music/Def Jam)

I Prevail - "Heart vs. Mind" - Fearless Records/Sony Distribution

Kid Rock, "First Kiss" (Warner Bros.)

Madonna, "Rebel Heart"

Dej Loaf, "...And See, That's The Thing" (Columbia)

JR JR, "JR JR" (Warner Bros.)


Outstanding National Single

Kid Rock, "First Kiss"

Jack White, "That Black Bat Licorice"

Jill Jack and the Detroit Women's Project - Look Beyond Your Horizon - Ketih Famie Documentary National Release

Eminem, "Phenomenal"

"Breaking and Entering" Eliza Neals

Bob Seger, "California Stars"


Outstanding National Small / Independent Label Distribution Album

"School of Funk " Deon Yates ( Woodward Avenue Records )

Flint Eastwood, "Small Victories" EP

The Dead Weather, "Dodge and Burn" (Third Man)

Marshall Crenshaw, "Grab The Next Train" EP (Red River Entertainment)

Muruga and the Cosmic Hoedown Band meet George Clinton and P-Funk All-Stars - The Fathership - Mothership World Connection

Danny Kroha " Angels Watching Over Me " ( Third Man )


Outstanding Record Producer

Al Sutton

Andy Patalan

T Money Green

Bryan Reilly

Tino Gross

Chuck Alkazian


Outstanding Recording Studio

Pearl Sound Studios

Rustbelt Studios

Funky D Studios

Big Sky Recording Studio

The Tempermill

Metro 37


Outstanding Video / Independent Budget (Under $10,000)

HafLife - "White Knuckle Ride"

Warhorses - "Burning Desire"

Ortheia Barnes - The Queen In Me

Rio and the Rockabilly Revivial - "Santa Skipped My House"

Howling Diablos - "Funk Hand" by Tony D'Annunzio

Eliza Neals - "Detroit Drive"


Outstanding Video / Major Budget (Over $10,000)

Battlecross, "Absence"

Bob Seger, "California Stars"

Kid Rock, "First Kiss"

Eminem, Royce da 5`9", Big Sean, Danny Brown, Dej Loaf, Trick-Trick, "Detroit vs. Everybody"

Eminem, "Phenomenal"

Big Sean, "One Man Can Change the World"


Outstanding Tribute Band

Air Margaritaville

In The Flesh - Detroit (Pink Floyd Tribute)

Magic Bus

50 Amp Fuse

Danny D



Outstanding Gospel/Christian Act

Sweet Crystal

Ortheia Barnes


RTG (Righteous Through God)

Duane Allen Harlick

Danny Cox


Outstanding Gospel/Christian Musician

Marq Andrew Speck - keyboards

bugs Beddow - Trombone / Flute

Pete Peltier - guitar

Duane Allen Harlick

Paul Miles-Piano/Guitar

Dennis Burr-Guitar

Al McKenzie - keyboards

David Winans II bass


Outstanding Gospel/Christian Recording

"QUAD" - Sweet Crystal

"Wild Streak" - Amy Susan Heard

Dave Edwards Band "Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen"

Duane Allen Harlick - Footprints

Joe Kidd & Sheila Burke - Everybody Has A Purpose

I was the One " Ortheia Barnes

"Him Alone" - Sweet Crystal


Outstanding Gospel/Christian Songwriter

Marq Andrew Speck (Sweet Crystal)

Duane Allen Harlick

Joe Kidd & Sheila Burke

Ortheia Barnes-Paul Miles

Al McKenzie

Peggy Turner-Carr


Outstanding Gospel/Christian Vocalist

Marq Andrew Speck (Sweet Crystal)

Amy Susan Heard

Al Jacquez

Ortheia Barnes

Penny Wells

Peggy Turner Carr



Outstanding Jazz Composer

Kris Kurzawa

Scott Gwinnell

Paul Keller

Brandon Williams

Jimmy Smith

Ron English


Outstanding Jazz Instrumentalist

Keith Kaminski - saxophones

Carl Cafagna - saxophones

Ralphe Armstrong - bass

Kris Kurzawa - guitar

Takashi Iio- Bass

Phil Hale- keyboards

Scott Gwinnell - piano

Dave McMurray - saxophones

RJ Spangler drums


Outstanding Jazz Recording

RJ Spangler Trio - A Lil More - Eastlawn

Muruga Booker & Mark Hershberger - Afro​-​Cuban Slavic Insinuations

Hughes Smith Quintet- Ever Up & Onward

Kris Kurzawa - Sly

Metro Jazz Voices - WINGIN' IT

Planet D Nonet "Township Jazz Project"


Outstanding Jazz Vocalist

Sheila Landis

Ben Sharkey

Bob Mervak

Trish Shandor

Meri Slaven

Sky Covington


Outstanding Modern Jazz Artist/Group

Ben Sharkey

Kris Kurzawa

Michele Ramo World Jazz Orchestra

Zap Toro

Carl Cafagna & North Star Jazz

Muruga Booker & Mark Hershberger


Outstanding Traditional Jazz Artist/Group

Hot Club of Detroit

Paul Keller Trio

hughes smith quintet

Planet D Nonet

Metro Jazz Voices

The Bob Mervak Trio



Outstanding Rock Instrumentalist

Bobby East - Guitar

Mike Leslie - Guitar

Scott Dailey - Guitar

Chuck Bartels - Bass

Erik Gustafson - Guitar - Howling Diablos

The Wolf - Bass

Pete Metropoulos - Guitar

Eric "EZ" Myers - Guitar - Warhorses, Unlimited Head & VSTRS


Outstanding Rock Recording

Warhorses - Burning Desire

The Seatbelts - "Aina Mun Pitaa" (I Always Have To )

Critical Bill - The New Eternal

Flint Eastwood " Small Victories "

The Dirk Kroll Band - "Living Inside"

Rocktropolis - "3113"

The Ruiners "Be Bop A-Lula Beelzebub"


Outstanding Rock Songwriter

Mike Alexander - Warhorses

Lauren Weaver and Joe Allen - Harlow

Carolyn Striho

Alyssa Simmons

Dirk Kroll

Gia Warner


Outstanding Rock Vocalist

Barbara Payton

Carolyn Striho

Mike Alexander - Warhorses

Alyssa Simmons

Gia Warner

Ashley Peacock - Building Birds


Outstanding Heavy Rock (Metal, Industrial, Goth, Thrash, et al.) Artist/Group


Victor Peraino's Kingdom Come


Dead In 5

Critical Bill



Outstanding Alt/Punk/Indie Artist/Group

The Carolyn Striho Group

Circus Boy

The Luddites

The Ruiners

Royal Blackbirds

Nina & The Buffalo Riders

Jeremy Porter & The Tucos


Outstanding Rock/Pop Artist/Group

The Seatbelts

Gia Warner

The Dirk Kroll Band

Unlimited Head

Eliza Neals and the Narcotics

The Infatuations

Alyssa Simmons


Outstanding Urban Artist/Group

The Infatuations

Groove Council

TMoney Greens Roadwork

Brandon Williams

Muruga and the Cosmic Hoedown Band meet George Clinton and P-Funk All-Stars

Mainstreet Soul


Outstanding Urban Musician

TMoney Green - bass

William (Big Will) Elijah - trumpet

Kat Orlando

Gabe Gonzalez

Kris Kurzawa

Pete Peltier - Guitar

The Wolf - Bass

Anthony Tolson


Outstanding Urban Songwriter

Kat Orlando

Chrissii Key

TMoney Green

The Infatuations

Kris Kurzawa

Brandon Williams


Outstanding Urban Vocalist

Tino Gross

Thornetta Davis

TMoney Green

Sky Covington

Angela Davis

Kathleen Murray


Outstanding Urban Recording

Will Sessions - Mix Take - Fat Beats Records

aaron taylor my home detroit city

The Infatuations "The Beep"

Mainstreet Soul - "In Detroit"

Howling Diablos " Funk Hand "

Brandon Williams - "XII"



Outstanding World Artist/Group

Zap Toro

Michele Ramo World Jazz Orchestra

The Process

Joe Kidd & Sheila Burke



Outstanding World Instrumentalist

Tom Wall - guitar/ percussion

Kris Kurzawa - guitar

Bob Monteleone

James Simonson - bass

Steve Caldwell - Guitarist

Muruga Booker (Drums & Percussion)

Joey Spina

Michele Ramo (8 String Guitarist)


Outstanding World Recording

Joe Kidd & Sheila Burke - Everybody Has A Purpose

Tihai by Sumkali

Heidi Hepler & Michele Ramo "Song Stories"

The Lynn LaPlante Seven-Motor City Mambo

Muruga Band - Mystic World


Outstanding World Songwriter

Eric Abbey -1592

Michele Ramo

Kris Kurzawa

Gia Warner

Xavier Rosario

Muruga Booker


Outstanding World Vocalist

Sheila Landis

Maggie McCabe

Gia Warner

Winfred Julien - Roots Vibrations

Xavier Rosario

Eric Abbey



Outstanding Rap Recording

GB Cortez McGhee " 2015 Cypher "

Eaziedagod " Booty Shorts "

Detroit-vs-Everybody - Seven the General ft. Big Herk, Cheddaboy Malik & Awesome Dre

"Danny Boy" - Hush

"Blue Collar Logic" - Mahogany Jones

Freezabag (Balln at The Top)


Outstanding Rap MC

Mark Milez A.K.A. Profit

sean forbes

Seven the General


Chrissii Key

GB Cortez McGhee


Outstanding Rap Composer

mark Milez A.K.A. Profit

Khary Frazier

Nabil "DJ Sandman" Ansara


Seven the General



Outstanding Rap Producer/DJ

Nabil "DJ Sandman" Ansara


TMoney Green



Eddie Logix