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Bulletproof Snow
Fuhrer Macabre
Lonny Ray
Mary McGuire

Americana Artist/ Group


Billy Brandt and the Sugarees

Mark Reitenga

Rio and the Rockibilly Revival

The Blueflowers

Ryan Dillaha and the Miracle Men

Michael on Fire


Americana Instrumentalist


Brian “Roscoe” White – guitar

Bonnie Kaye – violin

Billy Brandt – guitar

Joey Spina – guitar

Jason Dennie – guitar

Bryan Reilly – drums

Bob Monteleone – guitar

Audra Kubat – guitar


Americana Recording


Gia Warner “Say You Will”

Billy Brandt and the Sugarees “The Time is Now”

The Blueflowers “At the Edge of Disaster”

Michael on Fire “Healing Waters”

Longneck Strangler “Home”

Olivia Millerschin “Over the Weather”


Americana Songwriter


Michael on Fire

Jill Jack

Olivia Millerschin

Gia Warner

Billy Brandt

Mark Reitenga


Americana Vocalist


Gia Warner

Rio Scafone

Billy Brandt

Jill Jack

Kate Hinote



Blues Artist / Group


Eliza Neals and the Narcotics

Mainstreet Soul

Bobby Murray Band

Howard Glazer

Dirty Basement Blues Band

Laith Al-Saadi


Blues Instrumentalist


Bobby Murray – guitar

Jim McCarty – guitar

Howard Glazer – guitar

Motor City Josh – guitar

George Bedard – guitar

bugs Beddow – trombone

George Friend – guitar

Pete Peltier – guitar


Blues Recording


Johnny Rhoades “Waiting on the Sun”

Howard Glazer “Looking in the Mirror”

Mike Leslie Band “4am Blues”

Laura Rain and the Caesars “Closer”

Dirty Basement Blues Band “Coming Clean”

Paul Miles “Truth, Peace and Justice”


Blues Songwriter


Bobby Murray

Paul Miles

Eliza Neals

Laura Rain and George Friend

Motor City Josh

Howard Glazer


Blues Vocalist


Tosha Owens

Thornetta Davis

Eliza Neals

Kathleen Murray

Laura Rain



Classical Composer


Michele Ramo

Anthony Lai

Todd Schoeneman

Bonnie Kaye


Classical Instrumentalist


Takashi Iio - double bass

bugs Beddow – trombone

Stephen Vaglica – piano

Bonnie Kaye – violin

Michele Ramo - guitar

Sonja Lee – violin


Classical Recording


Stephen Vaglica “Chopin”

Bonnie Kaye “Suite Overture”

Michele Roger “Separation of Body and Soul”

Todd Schoeneman “Asylum”


Classical Small Ensemble


Detroit Chamber Winds and Strings

Il Segreto String Quartet

Cassini Ensemble

New Music Detroit

Pebble Creek Chamber Orchestra



Classical Vocalist


Anamaria Ylizaliturri

Amber Williams

Brian LeDuc

Heidi Hepler

Ramsey Valentyn


Community Orchestra


Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra

Dearborn Symphony Orchestra

Warren Concert Band

Orchard Lake Philharmonic

Motor City Symphony Orchestra

Birmingham Bloomfield Symphony Orchestra


Country Artist / Group


Annabelle Road

Ty Stone

Horse Cave Trio

Julianne Ankley & the Rogues

The Orbitsuns

Whitey Morgan & the 78’s


Country Instrumentalist


Joey Spina – guitar

Brian “ Roscoe White “ – guitar

Roger Noonan – bass

Mark Richardson – guitar

Bobby Black – guitar

Bonnie Kaye – violin

Maggie McCabe - guitar, mandolin, bodhran

Rich Browarski – guitar


Country Recording


Ty Stone “The Boulevard”

Billy Brandt and the Sugarees “Blue Baby Blue”

Kat Beal “End of the Line”

Michael on Fire: duet with Carlene Carter “Done this Dance Before”

Longneck Strangler “Front Porch Swing”

Whitey Morgan & the 78’s “Whitey Morgan Born Raised & Live from Flint”


Country Songwriter


Don Duprie

Julianne Ankley

Scott Dailey

Matt Dmits

Kat Beal

Maureen Hogan


Country Vocalist


Julianne Ankley

Joe Jaber

Joey Vee

Ricky Lentz

Kat Beal


Electronic Dance Artist / Group


Eprom Colony featuring Merideth Lorde



N2 Submission featuring The Impaler


Ghost Synthesis


Electronic / Dance DJ


DJ Pleasure Kitten

DJ Psycho

DJ Dock

DJ Moondancer

Barbara Jean

DJ Disc Detroit

DJ Maestro


Electronic / Dance Recording


Flashcash “Listen to the Music”

DJ Psycho + Ryan Start “Element 06”

Electrocrush “Orpheus”

Seven the General “The Go”

The Fuhrer Macabre “Fearless”


Electronic / Dance Writer / Producer


Jeff Rebrovich

DJ Maestro

The Impaler

Doc Colony

Jimmie Nitrez

Nabil “ DJ Sandman “ Ansara



Anthology, Compilation/ Reissue


Scott Morgan “ Revolutionary Action “ ( Easy Action )

Various Artists “ Shady XV “

Various Artists “ Dirty Boogie: The Fortune Records Story “

Catfish Hodge “ Different Strokes: The Complete Westbound  Recordings ”

Stoney and the Jagged Edge “ Chasing Rainbows “



Live Performance


The Infatuations

Howling Diablos

Mainstreet Soul

Rio and the Rockabilly Revival

The Ruiners

White Shag


Live Sound Technician


Randal Roy

Joshua Wizinsky

Neil T Sever

Cool Chris Panacki

Tom Lubinski



Local Record Label


Detroit Music Factory

Static Records

Mack Avenue


Funk Night Records

Jett Plastic Recordings


National Major Label /  Distribution Album


Bob Seger “Ride Out” ( Capitol )

Regina Carter “Southern Comfort” ( Sony Masterworks )

Jack White “Lazaretto”

Aretha Franklin “Aretha Franklin Sings the Great Diva Classics” ( RCA )

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. “Produce Volume 1” ( mixtape )

Jaded Inc. “The Big Knock” ( Casablanca / Republic )


National Single


Bob Seger “Detroit Made“

Jack White “Lazaretto”

Aretha Franklin “Rolling in the Deep” ( The Aretha version )

Various Artists ( Eminem, Royce Da 5’9”, Big Sean, Dej Loaf, Trick Trick,  “Detroit vs. Everybody”

Eminem “Guts Over Fear”

We Came as Romans “Ghosts”


National Small / Independent Label Distribution Album


Jessica Hernandez & the Deltas “Secret Evil”

Bobby Murray “I’m Stickin With You”

Critical Bill “The New Eternal”

The Verve Pipe “Overboard”

Frigid Pink “Made in Detroit”

Brandon Williams “ XII “


Record Producer


Chuck Alkazian

Peter Jay

Al Sutton

Bryan Reilly

Tino Gross

Andy Patalan


Recording Studio

Pearl Sound

Funky D Studios

Metro 37 Recording Studio

The Tempermill

Rustbelt Studios

Peter Jay Audio Post


Video/ Independent Budget ( Under $ 10,000 )


Michael on Fire “100 Years from Now”

Artifical Agent “Master Blaster”

1592 “Think”

Critical Bill “Alone or Lonely”

Kaleido “Degenerate and Young”

Ben Sharkey “What You’ve Given”


Video / Major Budget ( Over $10,000 )


Jack White “Lazaretto”

Eminem “Guts Over Fear”

Passalacqua “The Baptism”

Bob Seger “Detroit Made”

Eminem, Headlights


Tribute Band


Whoremones ( All Girl Ramones )

Danny D. ( Rod Stewart )

The Polka Floyd Show

Al McKenzie ( Chick Licks ) (Chick Corea Tribute)

Raputa – J. Geils Tribute

In the Flesh – Detroit



Gospel/ Christian Act


The Gideon Crew

Sacred Heart Gospel Choir

Sweet Crystal

Arielle Crosby

Sounds of Imani

Joe Kidd & Sheila Burke


Gospel/ Christian Musician


Devon Whitehead – drums

Keith Lawrence – keyboards

William B. Pope II – bass

Pete Peltier – guitar

Bill Blatter – guitar

Al McKenzie – keyboards

Jay Caver – guitar



Gospel/ Christian Recording


Ty Stone “Backslidin”

Sounds of Imani “Must Be an Angel”

Speechless “100 Voices to Save 100 Souls”

Sweet Crystal “Foot of the Cross”

One Achord “Dream”


Gospel/ Christian Songwriter


Sonnie Day

Amy Susan Heard

Al McKenzie

Joe Kidd & Sheila Burke

Sharon Love Jones


Gospel/ Christian Vocalist


Ortheia Barnes

Al Jaquez

Amy Susan Heard

Sonnie Day

Tasha Page- Lockhart

Joe Kidd & Sheila Burke



Jazz Composer


Gary Schunk

Wendell Harrison

Kris Kurzawa

James Hughes

Tracy Kash

Scott Gwinnell


Jazz Instrumentalist


Ralphe Armstrong – bass

Gary Schunk – piano

Damon Warmack – bass

bugs Beddow – trombone, flute

Kris Kurzawa – guitar

Mike Jellick – piano

Andy Wickstrom – trumpet

Scott Gwinnell – piano

Demetrius Nabors – piano


Jazz Recording


Rodney Whitaker “When We Find Ourselves Alone” ( Mack Ave )

Ron Kischuk & The Masters of Music Featuring Curtis Fuller “ Alamode “

Michele Ramo World Jazz Orchestra “A Cigar & A Scotch”

Planet D Nonet “ Just a Sittin and a Rockin”

Meri Slaven “Get Out of Town”

Epic Movement “Project One: A Dreamer”


Jazz Vocalist


Meri Slaven

Joan Belgrave

Trish Shandor

Ben Sharkey

Sheila Landis

Penny Wells


Modern Jazz Artist / Group


Hot Club of Detroit

Ben Sharkey Quartet

Carl Cafagna and North Star Jazz

Muruga Booker & Mark Hershberger

Dave McMurray and the Cover Collection

Scott Gwinnell Jazz Orchestra


Traditional Jazz Artist / Group

Metro Jazz Voices

Planet D Nonet

Craig Strain Orchestra

Ron Kischuks’ Masters of Music Band

John Trudell Orchestra ( Small Ensemble )

Gary Schunk Trio



Rock Instrumentalist


Wolf - guitar

Joey Fava –drums

Erik Gustafson – guitar

Dennis Burr – guitar

Jim McCarty – guitar

Brian Lord – guitar

Johnny Bee Badanjek – drums

Eddie Baranek – guitar, keyboards 


Rock Recording


Bristol Street- Saul Goodman “Feelin Strong”

Alyssa Simmons “Now or Never”

Bulletproof Snow “Here We Come”

Tiles “Off the Floor”

Dave Edwards band featuring Jimmie Bones “Bring It on Home to Me”

Kaleido “Unbreakable”


Rock Songwriter


Christina Chriss & Joey Fava

George Aneed & Evan Maguire

Carolyn Striho

Alyssa Simmons

Gia Warner

Robert Libres, Dana Forrester, Brent Hall, Peder Seglund, James Trunko


Rock Vocalist


Trey McLaughlin

Laura Mendoza

Gia Warner

Barbara Payton

Christina Chriss

George Aneed

Steven Tuthill


Heavy Rock ( Metal, Industrial, Goth , Thrash et al. ) Artist / Group


Artificial Agent

Chrome Mollie


Dead in 5

Critical Bill



Alt/ Punk/ Indie Artist/ Group


Flint Eastwood

Royal Blackbirds

Choking Susan

Bristol Street

The Ruiners



Rock/ Pop Artist Group


White Shag


The Infatuations

Bulletproof Snow


Citizen Zero


Urban Artist / Group


The Infatuations

Tmoney Greens Roadwork

Mainstreet Soul

Tosha Owens

Gabe “ Undisco Kidd “ Gonzalez

Howling Diablos


Urban Musician


Kat Orlando – sax

Johnny Evans – sax

George Friend – guitar

Wolf – guitar

Brandon Williams – bass

Kris Kurzawa – guitar

Tmoney Green – bass

Gabe Gonzalez – drums



Urban Songwriter


Gabe Gonzalez

Brandon Williams

Shotgun Soul

Tino Gross

The Infatuations

Tmoney Green



Urban Vocalist



Tino Gross

Laura Rain

Tosha Owens

Caleb Guiterrez

Tmoney Green



Urban Recording


The Infatuations “Detroit Block Party”

Various Artists “My Home Detroit”

Third Coast Kings “West Grand Blvd.”

Paul Miles “Strawberry”

The Blackman featuring Shirley Hayden “Stop Being Messy”



World Artist / Group


Victor Peraino’s Kingdom Come

Tumbao Bravo

The Process

Zap Toro

Michele Ramo World Jazz Orchestra



World Instrumentalist


Sean Blackman – guitar

Javier Barrios – percussion

Lynn LaPlante – piano

Kris Kurzawa – guitar

Michele Ramo – guitar

Muruga Booker – percussion

Harper – Peter D. Harper – harmonica


World Recording


The Muruga Band “Michigan Mud”

1592 “Think”

Roots Vibration “Only Yu” ( reggae / dancehall )

The Process “Fire is Burning” ( Scientist vocal mix )


World Songwriter


Michele Ramo

Eric Abbey

Kris Kurzawa

David Asher

“Harper” Peter D. Harper

Dave Edwards

Bob Monteleone


World Vocalist


Ping Spells

Eric Abbey

David Asher

Maggie McCabe

Dave Edwards

Heidi Hepler




Rap Recording


Passalacqua “Church”

Hush “Sprinklers”

David Bigham “Dolla Bills”

Magnanomus “Roy G. Biv”

GB Cortez McGhee “Imported from Detroit”

Profit “Motor City Miracles”


Rap MC




Microphone Phelps

Seven the General

Doc Waffles



Rap Composer


Eddie Logix


Seven the General

Jon Conner




Rap Producer / DJ


Seven the General

Nabil “ DJ Sandman “ Ansara

Denaun Porter

Nick Speed

Eddie Logix