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Outstanding Acoustic Artist/Group

Billy Brandt & Sarana VerLin

Matt Dmits

Brandon Calhoon

Jill Jack

Paul Miles

Emily Rose


Outstanding Folk Artist/Group

Carolyn Striho

Michael on Fire

David Nefesh

John Latini

Audra Kubat


Outstanding Acoustic/Folk Instrumentalist

Sarana VerLin ( violin )

Paul Miles ( guitar )

Jill Jack ( guitar )

Layla Hall  ( percussion )

Jason Dennie ( guitar, lap steel, mandolin )

Scott Dailey ( guitar )

Billy Brandt ( guitar )

John Latini  ( guitar )


Outstanding Acoustic/Folk Recording

Sarana VerLin – “Bats & Butterflies”

Jan Krist – “Fallow Ground”

John Latini- “Lake Of My Dreams” Re-issue with bonus tracks

Cats and the Fiddler - “Come Back to Me”

Michael on Fire - “Always Yes”

Jeff Scott – “Begin Again”


Outstanding Acoustic/Folk Songwriter

Jill Jack

Emily Rose

John D. Lamb

Matt Dmits

Sarana VerLin

John Latini


Outstanding Acoustic/Folk Vocalist

Emily Rose

Gia Warner

Jill Jack

Sarana VerLin

Frankie D'Angelo

Carolyn Striho



Outstanding Blues Artist/Group      

Johnnie Bassett & the Blues Insurgents

Motor City Josh & The Big 3

Howard Glazer & the EL 34’s

The Sun Messengers

Eliza Neals

Paul Miles


Outstanding Blues/R&B Instrumentalist  

Pete Peltier - ( guitar/ bass )

Motor City Josh - (guitar)

Johnnie Bassett - ( guitar )

bugs Beddow  - (trombone/flute )

Paul Miles - ( guitar )

Howard Glazer - (guitar )

Al Carmichael – (guitar )

R.J. Spangler - (drums)


Outstanding Blues/R&B Recording  

Motor City Josh & The Big 3 - "It's a Good Life"

The Alligators – “Down at Big Kadies

Planet D Nonet - "Blowin' AWay The Blues"

Eliza Neals - "Misery"

Luther “Badman” Keith – “Blues Nation”

Tracy Kash Thomas - "Sound Truth"


Outstanding Blues/R&B Songwriter 

Tracy Kash Thomas

Howard Glazer

John Latini

Luther “Badman” Keith

Motor City Josh

Paul Miles


Outstanding Blues/R&B Vocalist 

Thornetta Davis

Kathleen Murray

Eliza Neals

Motor City Josh

Paul Miles

Alberta Adams


Outstanding R&B Artist/Group 

Larry Lee & The Back In The Day Band

The Groove Council

bugs Beddow band

Mainstreet Soul

Tracy Kash Thomas

The Chris Canas Band



Outstanding Classical Composer  

Scott Gwinnell

Michael Daugherty

Julien Labro

Paige Wikinson

Christopher M. Skebo

Bright Sheng


Outstanding Classical Instrumentalist

bugs Beddow – ( trombone / flute )

Emmanuelle Boisvert  - ( violin )

Kenneth Thompkins -  (trombone )

Hai Xin Wu -  ( violin )

Roland Hamilton – ( piano )

Julien Labro -  (accordian/bandonion)

Kenneth Robinson -  (trumpet)

Nadine Deleury -  ( cello )

Steven Dearing -  ( guitar )

Molly Hughes  - (violin )


Outstanding Classical Recording 

Michael Daugherty - "Deus Ex Machina"

Steven Dearing "July Recital"

Il Segreto String Quartet - "Make Things Better"

"The Perfect Day" Kenneth Robinson - "The Perfect Day"


Outstanding Classical Small Ensemble  

Detroit Chamber Winds & Strings

The Motor City Brass Quintet

New Music Detroit

Dearing Concert Duo

Il Segreto String Quartet


Outstanding Classical Vocalist

Amber Williams

Eva Marie Evola

Abha Dearing

Lisa Agazzi

Karin White

Brian Leduc


Outstanding Community Orchestra

Michigan Opera Theater Orchestra

Dearborn Symphony Orchestra

Orchard Lake Philharmonic Society Symphony Orchestra

Warren Symphony Orchestra

International Symphony Orchestra

Oakland Symphony



Outstanding Country Artist/Group 

Whitey Morgan and the 78s

Doop and The Inside Outlaws

Billy Brandt/Sarana VerLin & The Basement Band

Justine Blazer

Ty Stone & The Truth

Annabelle Road


Outstanding Country Instrumentalist

Justine Blazer -  (Guitar/Harmonica)

John Lang -  ( Pedal Steel Guitar )

Whitey Morgan- ( Guitar )

Brian "Roscoe" White – Guitar )

Dave Piotrowski – (Drums )

Doop DuPrie- (Guitar )

Sarana VerLin ( violin )

Billy Brandt ( guitar )


Outstanding Country Recording 

Whitey Morgan and the 78s - “I Ain't Drunk”

Justine Blazer – “Welcome to my World”

Annabelle Road  - "Annabelle Road"

Billy Brandt and Sarana VerLin- “Live From Billy's Basement”

John Holk and The Sequins - “If You See Her”

Alan Turner – “Bull Riding Babe”


Outstanding Country Songwriter

Doop DuPrie

Justine Blazer

Ty Stone

Whitey Morgan


Billy Brandt & Sarana VerLin


Outstanding Country Vocalist  

Justine Blazer

Ty Stone

Whitey Morgan


Alan Turner

Vinnie Dombroski



Outstanding Electronic/Dance Artist/Group  


Carl Craig

Detroit Techno Militia

Detroit People Mover

Eprom Colony

Liz Larin

Function 13

The Jesus Chainsaw Massacre


Outstanding Electronic/Dance DJ 

Maurice "Pirahna Head" Herd

DJ Linda Lexy

DJ Seoul

Stiverson (n2 submission)

DJ Godfather



Outstanding Electronic/Dance Recording 

Cybertrybe - "Little Monkey - Pain Mix" remix

D:konstruct - "Stars Burning Out"

The Jesus Chainsaw Massacre- “The Bone Season”

Detroit People Mover – “Strangers” (Twilight Encounter) Remixes

Detroit Techno Militia - “DTM005”

Scan7 Featuring Aaron-Carl - “4 Types Of People”


Outstanding Electronic/Dance Writer/Producer 

Carl Craig

Anison Roberts (The Impaler/N2 submission)

Scan 7

Bryan Metro-The Jesus Chainsaw Massacre

Urban Kris

Robert Vandergriff - D:construct




Outstanding Gospel/Christian Act 

Sonnie Day

Sweet Crystal

J. P. & Seasons

Gideon Crew



Outstanding Gospel/Christian Musician

Al McKenzie - ( piano )

Jay Caver (Guitar for Sonnie Day)

Darell Campbell Jr. (Bass Guitar)

Timothy Alexander ( Keyboard for God's Army)

William Reynolds (Guitar)

Angela Josephine (Hammered Dulcilmer )

Demetrius "Krayon" Nabors (piano)


Outstanding Gospel/Christian Recording 

Sonnie Day -  You”

Lonny Ray - “A Bassboat, Jesus and Me”

Penny Wells - "Perfect Peace"

Marvin Sapp - “Here I Am (Verity)”

Jennifer Nasto - "My Prayer for You"


Outstanding Gospel/Christian Songwriter

God's Army

Penny Wells & Al McKenzie

Darell Campbell Jr.

Sonnie Day


Outstanding Gospel/Christian Vocalist 5

Sonnie Day

Carl Carlton

Lonny Ray

Jason "J.P." Palmer

Jennifer Nasto



Outstanding Jazz Composer

Scott Gwinnell

Al McKenzie

Jesse Palter

Tracy Kash Thomas

Paul Keller

Keith Vreeland


Outstanding Jazz Instrumentalist 

Perry Hughes ( guitar )

Skeeto Valdez (drums )

Bugs Beddow ( trombone/flute )

Carl Cafagna ( saxophones )

Mike Jellick  ( piano )

Scott Gwinnell ( piano )

Damon Warmack ( bass)

Evan Perri ( guitar )


Outstanding Jazz Recording 

Planet D Nonet - "We Travel The Spaceways; the Music of Sun Ra"

Paul Keller Trio – “We Like To Riff”

Hot Club of Detroit – “It’s About that Time”

Sheila Landis Rick Matle - "Heart Plaza"

Patrick Prouty - "Rustbelt"

\Keith Vreeland – “Bad Dog”


Outstanding Jazz Vocalist 

Ursula Walker

Jesse Palter

Sheila Landis

Tracy Kash Thomas

Jeanine Miller

Trish Shandor


Outstanding Modern Jazz Artist/Group 

The Brothers Groove

Sheila Landis

Alexander Zonjic and Friends

Al McKenzie

Tracy Kash Thomas Band

Jesse Palter


Outstanding Traditional Jazz Artist/Group 

Scott Gwinnell Jazz Orchestra

Hot Club of Detroit

Paul Keller Orchestra

Patrick Prouty Quartet

Metro Jazz Voices

Straight Ahead



Outstanding Reggae/Ska Artist/Group



King Mellowman & Mellow Runnings

The Process

Lucky Brown

The Polka Floyd Show


Outstanding World Artist/Group 

Zap Toro

Liz Larin

October Babies

Tumbao Bravo

Musique Noire

Los Gatos


Outstanding World/Reggae/Ska Instrumentalist

Sean Blackman -  ( guitar )

Steve Caldwell -  ( guitar )

Kris Kurzawa( guitar )

Charlie Bongo – ( drums )

Javier Barrios -  ( percussion )

Kerry Lundquist – ( piano )

Pathe Jassi  - ( bass )


Outstanding World/Reggae/Ska Vocalist

David Asher

Winfred Stunna Ranks Julien

Toko Shiki-Santos

Eric Abbey

Earl King Mellowman Clarke

Jeremy Abbey


Outstanding World/Reggae/Ska Recording 

1592 - "This One's For You All" LP

Steven Bookvich (aka Muruga) & Alex Terzian - “Kiss of Peace”

October Babies -  "High Hai Hi!"

Southpaw Isle -  "Carol of the Pans"

Musique Noire - "Holiday Dreams: A Celebration of Christmas"

Harper -  "Stand Together"


Outstanding World/Reggae/Ska Songwriter 

David Asher

Eric Abbey

Kris Kurzawa

Rick Matle

John Calahan

Jeremy Abbey



Outstanding Anthology/Compilation/Reissue 

Aretha Franklin, The Best of Aretha Franklin: Quadrophonic Mix (Rhino Handmade)

Was (Not Was), Pick of the Litter (1980-2010) (Micro Werks)

Iggy & the Stooges, Raw Power: Legacy Edition (Columbia/Legacy)

The Stooges, The Stooges (Collector's Edition) (Rhino Handmade)

Various Artists, Motorcity Special Live Vol. 2 (Motorcity Special)

Insane Clown Posse, The Old Shit (Psychopathic)


Outstanding Live Performance 

Ty Stone & The Truth

Howling Diablos

Carolyn Striho Band

Alan Turner & the Steel Horse Band

Jill Jack

Billy Brandt & Sarana VerLin & The Basement Band


Outstanding Live Sound Technican 

Jason Fisher (Several Locations)

Peter jay ( Callahans )

“Cool “ Chris Panacki

Mark Smith ( Hayloft )

Adam Busuttil (Memphis Smoke and others)

Tony Campana


Outstanding Local Record Label

Mack Avenue Records

Drum Dancer Records

Static Records

No Cover

Psychopathic Records

The Label- Jeff Bass Music


Outstanding National Major Label Recording 

Eminem, Recovery (Shady/Aftermath/Interscope)

Kid Rock, Born Free (Top Dog/Atlantic)

The White Stripes, Under Great White Northern Lights (V2)

The Temptations, Still Here (UMe)

Uncle Kracker, Happy Hour: South River Road Sessions (Top Dog/Atlantic)

Kem, Intimacy: Album III (Universal Motown)


Outstanding National Single

Eminem, "Not Afraid"

Eminem," Love the Way You Lie"

Kid Rock, "Born Free"

Kid Rock and Uncle Kracker, "Good To Be Me"

Electric Six, "Jam It in the Hole"

Mike Posner, “Cooler Than Me”


Outstanding National Small/Independent Label Recording 

Critical Bill (Westbound Records)

Bettye LaVette, "Intepretations: The British Rock Songbook" (Anti-)

Electric Six," Zodiac "(Metropolis)

Hot Club of Detroit," It`s About That Time " ( Mack Avenue Records )

Whitey Morgan and the 78s," Whitey Morgan and the 78s" (Bloodshot)

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. - "Nothing But Our Love"


Outstanding Record Producer

Eric Hoegemeyer

Tino Gross

Al Sutton

Nolan Mendenhall

Mike E. Clark

Tim Smith


Outstanding Recording Studio 

The Soundscape Recording Studio


The Tempermill

Harmonie Park

Funky D Studios

Metro 37 Recording Studio


Outstanding Video / Independent Budget (Under $10,000)

Dennis Coffey - "F**k You"

Carolyn Striho - "Sing It To Me"

Sean Forbes -"I'm Deaf"

Eliza Neals - "Misery"

Alan Turner - "Bull Riding Babe"

The Muggs - "Slow Curve"


Outstanding Video / Major Budget (Over $10,000)

Uncle Kracker feat. Kid Rock - "Good To Be Me"

Eminem " Not Afraid"

Kid Rock "Born Free"

Eminem " Love the Way you Lie"

Alan Turner - "Everyone's A Miracle (Lili's Song)"

Kem - "Why Would You Stay"



Outstanding Hip-Hop Artist/Group 


God's Army



Sean Forbes

Sample the Martian


Outstanding Hip-Hop DJ 

DJ Shortstop

DJ Clay


DJ Primeminister

DJ Psycho

DJ Dez

DJ Butter


Outstanding Hip-Hop MC





Powerdise – Brian Davis


Outstanding Urban/Funk Artist/Group

T Money Green's Roadwork

Nadir & Distorted Soul

The Brothers Groove


The Gideon Crew

Will Sessions


Outstanding Urban/Funk Musician

T Money Green  - ( bass )

Gabe Gonzalez – ( drums )

Skeeto Valdez – ( drums )

Johnny Evans - ( saxophone )

Larry Lee – ( bass )

Damon Warmack( bass )

Christian Draheim( guitar )

Kris Kurzawa( guitar )


Outstanding Urban/Funk Songwriter

Christian Draheim & Marco Lowe

Nadir Omowale

T Money Green


The Gideon Crew

Tino Gross


Outstanding Urban/Funk Vocalist

Cadillac Dale

T Money Green

William (Big Will) Elijah

Caleb Gutierrez

Michael Bowdre


Outstanding Urban/Funk/Hip-Hop Recording

Brilliance - “Beautiful in Every Way”

tmoneygreens Roadwork - "One Shot "

Sample The Martian – “Sample the Martian”

Sean Forbes - "I'm Deaf"

Miz Korona - "The Injection"

B-DAB - "Beady Eye"



Outstanding Rock/Pop Instrumentalist 

Joey Spina  - ( guitar/bass )

Sarana VerLin( violin / guitar )

Skeeto Valdez – ( drums )

Jimmie Bones – ( keyboards )

Bobby Lewis ( keyboards )

Billy Reedy – ( guitar )

Scotty Lushka  - ( guitar )

Jason Caine( guitar  )


Outstanding Rock/Pop Recording 

Brandon Calhoon - "Satisfied"

Crud -  "Crud on Monster Island"

The Ruiners – “Happy Birthday Bitch”

Critical Bill -  Underground Kingdom

Chaos Theory – “ Retaliation

Grievous Angel -  New Tricks “


Outstanding Rock/Pop Songwriter

Jason Caine

Gia Warner

Ty Stone

Leah Diehl

Brandon Calhoon

Carolyn Striho


Outstanding Rock/Pop Vocalist

Ty Stone

Brandon Calhoon

Matt Hines

Johnny Masioli

Carolyn Striho

Ben Frank


Metal/Hard Rock Artist/Group 

Critical Bill

60 Second Crush

Chaos Theory

Circus Boy

Mound Road Engine

Konniption Fit


Industrial Artist/Group



The Impaler





Rock/Pop Artist/Group

The Ruiners

Ty Stone & the Truth

Brandon Calhoon & theTobacco River Band

Robots in the Garden

Bear Lake

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.


National Indie Label Rock Artist/Group 


The Hard Lessons

The Dirtbombs

Marshall Crenshaw

Electric Six

Black Dahlia Murder